EDITORIAL: The Appalachian has moved


The Editorial Board

After 30 years, The Appalachian has relocated from Plemmons Student Union room 217. Though we’re just moving down the hall to room 235, the upheaval has been an unexpected goodbye to the room that our staff members have called home for three decades. 

On Nov. 29, 2022, our editorial board found out our newsroom would be relocated before the spring semester. Two days later, we held our last full staff meeting in room 217 and informed our staff that this would be the last time we met in this room. 

The first time our PSU location was included inside an edition of The Appalachian was on Jan. 14, 1993, where our front page detailed the end of phase one construction on the union. According to that issue, student organizations such as The Appalachian, SGA, the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, the Black Student Association and Greek life had just moved into their office spaces on the second floor of the union. 

For thirty years in room 217, we’ve held hundreds of staff meetings and pulled countless late nights on Election Day, covered everything from local events to national tragedies, and have had thousands of students find their voice within those walls. Students have discovered lifelong friends, spouses and passions in room 217 that have stayed with them long after college, and for all this, we are grateful. 

With this change, we’re fortunate to still have a space in PSU — one that is down the hall nonetheless. Room 217 will become a hub for identity based organizations on campus, and we’re excited to see what these groups do with the space. We hope it treats them as well as it has treated us for so many years.

We’re incredibly thankful for the Plemmons Student Union staff who have helped us immensely during our move. Their work is the reason why so many things on campus operate successfully, and we appreciate their work and kindness. 

 Though we’ll be in a different office, we’re still focused on getting students, faculty, staff and community members the information they need, and covering important things on campus and in the community. Our inboxes are always open for concerns, questions, story ideas and more. And once the paint dries, our office doors will be open as well.