El Tacorriendo brings Mexican traditions to the High Country

Hadasa Rivera Marin, Reporter

Walking along Howard Street on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is like asking for a tiny taste of Mexico. The loud music, the indistinguishable aroma of carne asada and a welcoming environment all represent El Tacorriendo. 

Ashley Leon, owner of El Tacorriendo, said her motive for bringing the food truck to Boone in 2016 was the lack of Mexican restaurants she encountered when coming up to visit for the weekend with her family. 

 “My husband is from Guadalajara (Mexico) and so, he learned to cook from his mom when he was younger,” Leon said. 

In her eyes, the preparation of food, from homemade cheese dip to meat marinades, is a demonstration of the dedication Leon and her husband have for their business. 

“The reason we’re not open on Monday is because it’s typically our cooking day,” Leon said. 

Ingredients are bought in bulk and meat must be sliced to make carne asada, al pastor, chicken breast and big pots of carnitas.

Ashley Perez, electronic media broadcasting major, said she appreciates how the food truck provides a taste of what Mexican food really is, especially in a place like Boone.

Leon said El Tacorriendo finds itself the busiest when classes at App State are in session, and when holidays and summer months come around, they expect a drop in clientele.

Leon said although weather sometimes affects sales, El Tacorriendo always tries to stay open for loyal customers who come out no matter what. Last year, Leon said they even paid to have their parking spot plowed when it snowed.

“I’d say for people that haven’t given it a try, definitely come by. We have something for everybody,” Leon said.