Fall deadline approaching for submissions to The Peel


The Appalachian Online

Andrea Santoyo

The fall deadline for students’ work to be featured in The Peel, Appalachian State University’s on-campus literature and arts review, is midnight on Nov. 19.

The Peel, an active publication since 2007, serves as a way in which students can receive a creative outlet while being given the opportunity to get published. The staff accepts submissions for a wide range of categories including poetry, prose, photography and painting.

“A campus publication is imperative to giving students a voice,” said senior management major and Editor-in-Chief Hannah Parker. “The Peel is a great showcase for getting young artists and writers off the ground and published.”

Parker said the staff would like to see more submissions this year from the categories of industrial and graphic design, fashion and apparel, spoken word, dance and music composition.

“Supporting the arts is a way to connect with one another and evoke parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed,” Parker said.

Those involved with The Peel hope to continue successfully showcasing the arts by striving toward reaching out to more students with each publication.

“College can be very stressful, so it’s nice to be able to sit down and do something creative or look at someone else’s work,” said sophomore geography major and Associate Editor-in-Chief Lauren Andersen.

In the past year, The Peel received the Appalachian Image Award, the College Scholastic Press Association Certificate of Merit in Overall Design, and fifth place for the Associated Collegiate Press’ Best in Show.

Staff members of The Peel dedicate much of their time to getting the word out about the publication and encourage artists of any kind to submit their work at each deadline – a task that involves a great deal of innovation, said junior communications major and public relations coordinator Dave Dykes.

“One of the things that really makes our publication special is that we really rely on a lot of good work coming in from students,” Dykes said. “The student work really dictates what we can do with the magazine.”

Those interested in submitting work to The Peel can visit thepeelreview.submittable.com.

Story: Andrea Santoyo, Intern A&E Reporter