Farewell column: Cue ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’

Meg Powell, Former Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Somehow I ended up in Plemmons 217 spring semester of my first year at App State. I genuinely could not tell you how I came to be leaning against the wall, not knowing a soul, simply taking in the beautiful chaos I would soon discover is student journalism. 

I started as a mere member of the Marketing Desk, scheduling stories and doing other odd jobs, but the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of serving as the Marketing Director. When reflecting on my time with The Appalachian, I keep coming back to the phrase “great friends and great experience.” That really sums it up. Peers turned into great friends, new territories, in regard to social media and marketing, turned into familiar stomping grounds. 

Being a part of The Appalachian has been the most memorable and rewarding part of my college career. I am forever grateful to my fellow editorial members and advisor for constantly kicking a– and being supportive shoulders to lean on.