Farewell column: It’s been real, it’s been fun, it’s been an honor

Jade Ogle, Chief Copy Editor

This is one of the few times I’ll write for The Appalachian despite how much I love this organization. My work as Chief Copy Editor has always been behind the scenes and I’m OK with that. I still get to see all the amazing work every reporter, photographer, designer and editor does for this paper, and it never ceases to amaze me. 

I joined The Appalachian in the second half of my sophomore year and became part of the Editorial Board the second half of my junior year. I only wish I had joined sooner. I never saw myself taking on any sort of leadership role purely because I didn’t think I could do it, but a handful of people believed in me and that’s what pushed me to try something new. 

During my time on Ed Board, I got to learn how to be a leader, grow a community, gain confidence in myself, travel to New York for the first time and bond with an incredible group of people and so many other things that would take forever to list. I even got to be part of the historic move from room 235 to room 217. But most importantly, I was given the opportunity to make unforgettable memories with amazing people I wouldn’t have had the privilege to meet if not for The Appalachian. 

This organization has given me so much and I hope I was able to give back just as much in return. It pains me to have to leave so soon, I feel like I just got started, but I know The Appalachian will continue to do great things in my stead and beyond. 

I could talk for hours about how grateful I am for the tears, stress, joy and everything in between, but I guess the easiest thing to say is simply thank you and goodbye. It’s been real, it’s been fun and it’s been an honor.