Film Series cut due to ‘mix up’ in grant application

After eight semesters in the running, the Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies film series was cut due to a ‘mix up’ in the grant application, said Rennie Brantz, co-director of the Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies and Professor of History.

“When we applied for the grant, there was an error in the application process so it wasn’t submitted properly,” Brantz said.

The Center of Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies operates primarily by donations from private sponsors, Brantz said.

The center usually shows eight films with the licensing fee costing $300 to $500 per film for the permission to present it to the public, Brantz said.

“Without the grant, the center is unable to provide the $2,400 necessary for the series,” he said.

The center reapplied for the grant for the spring, Brantz said, and hopes to resume the series then.

Currently, 15 students are minoring in Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies.

Senior Selena Thompson, JHP minor, said she is greatly upset the series was canceled.


“Sadly, if you ask random students on campus how much they know about the Holocaust, a majority would say that Hitler hated the Jews and put them in death camps,” Thompson said. “There is much more to how the Nazis got away with the Holocaust.”

This film series could broaden students’ knowledge on the subject or at least get them interested in knowing more about what really happened, Thompson said.

Senior Bryan Doppel, also a JHP minor, said, it is a “shame” the film series is not being shown.

“Some films are from that time period, which helps us see how those situations were viewed at the time they were happening by people that were actually there,” said Doppel. “Other films, such as Schindler’s List, were made long after, but are still able to depict the strong emotions and sentiments of these events.”

Story: KASI MITCHELL, Intern News Reporter