Forum held to plan five year strategic plan

Anne Buie

The UNC-system Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions is working with the Association of Student Governments to gather student feedback and help develop the system’s five-year plan for universities.

The strategic plan will determine how the UNC system will grow and change over the next five years, ASG Chief of Staff Frank Byrne said.

The plan aims to maximize efficiency at universities and ensure students have the skills to compete in an increasingly global workforce.
Once the strategic plan is decided, it will be used by the North Carolina General Assembly to determine funding for the UNC system in spring, Byrne said.

Every UNC-system school will have a public forum to discuss this plan, SGA President Jake Cox said.

It is going to be really important in providing the Board of Governors background information on how our Appalachian student body feels about it, Cox said.

“Once the forum has happened and students have had a few weeks to submit feedback, we’re putting together a report that we’ll submit to General Administration for consideration in drafting the Strategic Plan,” Byrne said.

The forum, held on campus, is planned for Nov. 1 at 5 p.m. and is headed by John Secrest, vice-president of student affairs for ASG.

The UNC Board of Governor’s will make the final decision on this plan, Byrne said.

“I highly encourage everyone to come out, invite others and learn more about this proposal,” Secrest said.

If students cannot come to the forum, they are encouraged to send their thoughts to ASG via email, Byrne said.

Once the report is written, it will also be published on ASG’s website,

Story: LINDSAY BOOKOUT, News Reporter