Fraternity-related activities banned for two weeks by App State SGA and Interfraternity Council

Emily Broyles and Sarah Teague

All fraternity-related activities are banned for the next two weeks through collaboration between App State’s SGA and Interfraternity Council, taking effect immediately. The decision was made “in an effort to protect public health.” 

Adam Zebzda, SGA director of external affairs, wrote in an email that off-campus gatherings are still prominent in midst of a pandemic. 

“As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, incidences of large off-campus gatherings have decreased but remain an issue,” Zebzda wrote. “While recent gatherings have not been officially affiliated with any specific fraternity, the IFC has taken steps to ensure the Greek organizations under its jurisdiction do not contribute to an overwhelming problem.”

The IFC order includes: 

  • All fraternity events canceled
  • Gatherings more than five people are condemned, gatherings of over five people who share an address are exempt
  • Any violations will be met with severe disciplinary action by the IFC and the Office of Student Conduct
  • IFC, the Town of Boone, and SGA will enforce these policies

“Following completion of the two-week ban, the IFC has reserved authority to extend or rescind the Order depending on COVID-19 positivity rates and total cases at the time of review,” Zebzda wrote.

IFC posted a declaration of the order on Instagram, saying, “We hope to see a decline in cases of COVID-19 moving forwards and for everyone to be as proactive in this pandemic as possible.”

App State announced seven new COVID-19 clusters in an email Oct. 1. Two of the clusters are associated with Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Phi fraternities.

Eight cases are associated with Kappa Alpha fraternity, with five recovering in isolation and three past the isolation stage.

Delta Sigma Phi has 14 cases, with seven recovering in isolation. The other half of cases is past the isolation stage.

This story has been updated with COVID-19 case counts released at 9:15 p.m. by App State Oct. 1.