French students perform scenes from American films in ‘Vive le Cinema’

Ryan Morris

The Department of Languages, Literature and Cultures will present “Vive le Cinema: American Movie Scenes with a French Twist,” Friday at 6 p.m. in Calloway Peak in Plemmons Student Union.

Students will perform various scenes from American movies set in France. Though the original scenes are in English, the scenes in the performance have been translated and performed in French.

The performers  are French students with different degrees of proficiency, with some in their first 2000-level French class and others getting ready to graduate. This is their final class project.

“I’m using it to help the students understand that when you learn another language, it’s basically like playing a part in a play,” said Julin Everett, an assistant professor of French. “You have to be kind of an actor.”

Scenes from nine different films will be portrayed. The films include “Ratatouille,” “Sabrina,” “French Kiss,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Chocolat,” “Youth in Revolt,” “Midnight in Paris,” “Dangerous Liaisons” and “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

“We want the audience to understand exactly what’s happening, even if the actors are going to be speaking French,” Everett said.

The purpose of the project is to give the students experience in perfecting their French accents and encourage them to be confident in their French speaking, while bringing to light the important things the language department does for Appalachian’s campus, Everett said.

“I want to let people on campus know that we’re doing great things in the department of language and literature,” Everett said.

This is the second time a performance like this has been done. Last year, the event was called “Southern Fried French,” and involved students enacting movie scenes in French from English films set in the American south.

Story: JAY SALTON, Intern A&E Reporter