Head to Head: Why Georgia Southern will kick Apps


Letters to the Editor

Editor’s Note: Georgia Southern’s student newspaper, the George-Anne, and The Appalachian agreed to exchange columns discussing Thursday’s highly anticipated Sun Belt matchup.

Check out the Head to Head response column by Chris Warner, Sports Editor at The Appalachian.

Well here we are. The matchup tonight between the Eagles and the Mountaineers is one that could ultimately decide who will take home the Sun Belt Championship.

“Could” being the operative word. We “could” sit here all day talking about what “could “ happen Thursday night. But here at Georgia Southern, we deal in certainties. And we’re certain you don’t stand a chance.

I could talk about how the Eagles have the number one rushing attack in the nation and that there’s really not a close second. The Eagles are averaging 399 rushing yards per game. The next closest team? Baylor, whose averaging 349 yards per game on the ground.

It doesn’t matter who’s in the backfield as the Eagles boast five different players who have more than 300 rushing yards. Junior running back Matt Breida is second in the nation in yards per carry, averaging 10.3 every time he touches the ball. He’s also ninth in the nation in rushing yards with 900 and sixth in touchdowns with 11 despite having just 85 carries on the season.

Although let’s face it, throwing the ball really isn’t either of our team’s strengths.  You guys love to run the ball, and you’re ranked ninth in the nation in rushing, which isn’t bad. Your defense is also much improved, allowing an average of 11 points per game to opponents. The Mountaineers did, however, give up 41 points to Clemson who has an offense almost as high-powered as the Eagles.

I could also talk about how the Eagles are tied for seventh in the nation in interceptions. Or how the Eagles have a Sun Belt-leading 11 picks on the season. Senior safety Antonio Glover is tied for third in the nation with five interceptions and has been an absolute monster in the secondary.

This Mountaineers team is certainly better than the one that came down to Statesboro last year and left with their tail between their legs.  But even so, your current team still won’t cut it. You really have two options left: start playing, or start praying.

Robert George, Sports Editor at the George-Anne, is a multimedia journalism major from Vidalia, Georgia.