High school bromance continues at Appalachian

Anne Buie

Linebacker Deuce Robinson and defensive tackle Davante Harris pause for a quick shot after a hard practice. The duo has been playing together since high-school and decided Appalachian was their home the first time they stepped on campus. Paul Heckert | The Appalachian The first time defensive tackle Davante Harris and linebacker Deuce Robinson played together on Blythewood High School’s varsity team, Robinson almost dislocated Harris’ shoulder.

As the two raced to the quarterback, they ended up on the ground after Robinson stepped into the pocket.

“We both got there… He hit me and I hit him, I’ll always remember that,” Harris said. “He almost dislocated my shoulder.”

But it wasn’t until the athletes came to Appalachian, they began “building the trust.”

“For us, a lot of the teams wanted us together,” Robinson said. “They wanted us as a package deal.”

But after touring Appalachian together, the duo realized Appalachian was the school for them.

“We was on the visit and I looked at him and was like ‘I’m coming,’ he was like ‘me too,” Harris said.

However, Robinson said he didn’t think they influenced each other to attend Appalachian.

“We were looking for a lot of the same things,” Robinson said. “The biggest thing for me? Winning. Of all the schools we looked at App was highest on the board for that. My whole thing was great program, have tradition, and I can come here and get a ring.”

The pair roomed together their freshmen year, although Harris said Robinson’s habit of sleeping with the television on annoyed him.

“I had to get used to that,” Harris said. “I really did, cause he just couldn’t sleep in the straight dark.”

But initially, the pair also had to deal with tension on the field.

“At first, last year, when we got here, it was almost like a competition thing… who’s gonna play?” Robinson said. “Then after Coach Blaylock decided who was gonna get redshirted… It was almost like, not a mentor thing, but us helping each other.”


Story: HANNAH POMPHREY, Editor-in-Chief
Photo: PAUL HECKERT, Senior Photographer