ICE rumors dispelled by Boone Police


Emily Broyles and Moss Brennan

Rumors about the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement operating in Boone were untrue according to Boone PD. A post circulated on social media this past weekend claiming ICE was in Boone.

“Please take caution around these areas and notify as many people as possible,” the post read, referring to the alleged ICE officers blocking off areas near King St.

Andy Le Beau, captain of police operations, wrote in an email that ICE would have contacted the Boone Police Department if they were operating in Boone.

“We would certainly know if they were doing a checkpoint on King Street,” Capt. Beau wrote in an email. “Unfortunately, we have seen that people like to spread this rumor for whatever reason. It’s unfortunate as it scares people for no reason.”

Capt. Beau said Boone Police Department is in regular contact with the Latino community.

“There have been no reports of any members of our Latino community being missing,” Beau said.

This is a developing story.