U.S. Highway 321 and U.S. Highway 105’s intersection is ‘most dangerous’ in Boone

The U.S. Highway 321 and U.S. Highway 105 intersection is considered the most dangerous intersection in Boone, North Carolina Department of Transportation employee Sean Warren said.

Since 2006-10, there have been 125 crashes at the intersection, according to the High Frequency Crash Location map.

But because the intersection is so busy, the number of crashes isn’t considered surprising, Dean Ledbetter, Watauga County traffic engineer, said.

“Mistakes are more likely to occur in an accident at a busy intersection,” Ledbetter said.

The Highway 105 and Wilson Drive has the second highest number of wrecks in Boone, with 69 wrecks, according to the map.

Following that, the Rivers Street and Highway 321 has had 45 accidents, according to the map.

Ledbetter said they will be re-examining traffic patterns with the hopes of returning to a “conventional lane configuration” by getting rid of the second turn lane. 

“On the town’s behalf, we have requested changes, but these streets are operated by the state
department of transportation and they’re very slow to make any changes,” Town Council Member Rennie Brantz said.

It took more than a year to get the speed limit on Highway 105 reduced from 45 m.p.h to 35 m.p.h and it only happened after there was a fatal, tragic accident on that highway, Brantz said.

“I think everybody on the town council is very much aware of this problem and I wish we could move faster,” Brantz said. “Even just to change a street light on King Street, we have to get the state approval. It limits what the town can do and we’re very conscious of that.”



Story: LINDSAY BOOKOUT, Intern News Reporter