Jasper Yoke: Positive Fashion

Mericlaire Williams

Jasper Yoke dresses to reflect his positive and bright personality.

Yoke, sophomore biology major, has no problem standing out in his eccentric outfits.

Sustainability is important in Yoke’s life, and he implements it by buying all of his clothes at thrift stores. His mom inspires him to shop at Goodwill, which helps him use his environmentally friendly and creative side together.

Yoke has worn wild outfits since he was 13. He said his mom has always supported him and his “hippie” outfits.

“I like to stand out and clash and for nobody else to look like I do,” Yoke said.

Yoke’s outfits are full of color Throwing together a tie-dye top with a quilted button-down is an effortless look for Yoke. Everything he owns showcases his vibrant positivity.

“I feel like I just have a positive disposition, so why not make other people be happy and colorful?” Yoke said.

Yoke uses clashing patterns in his looks to showcase his confidence. Even though he said he isn’t technically fashionable, he creates unique outfits. Yoke stands out in eye-catching clothes as an attempt to bring his positive mindset to others.

“Dressing in wild clothes helps me feel like I’m an individual with something worth saying,” Yoke said.