Kevin Nguyen: Experimental Fashion

Mericlaire Williams

After struggling with his identity when he was younger, Kevin Nguyen has journeyed toward an authentic, colorful style.

Nguyen, sophomore marketing major, found fun in life by refusing to put a label on his style and not boxing himself into how society has traditionally defined men’s fashion.

Nguyen started experimenting with fashion to better express himself. Boys picked on him in elementary school for trying to fit in, but he found acceptance embracing jewelry, primary colors and platform shoes.

“It’s worse when you’re unhappy about yourself and what you’re wearing,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen first experimented with different colored jeans in seventh grade. He said many people hated the jeans, but the people who loved them encouraged him to explore bright colors and non-traditional men’s fashion. High school teachers criticized Nguyen’s fashion, calling it “too much,” like his bright red American Apparel trench coat and short shorts. No criticism was enough to hold him back from expressing himself. Nguyen’s authenticity helped inspire boys at his high school to try experimental styles.

“If you’re confident, and you’re wearing what you want and you don’t have an issue with it, then people see that you’re being true to yourself,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen started trying simple makeup looks around the same time he got interested in fashion. “Rocky Horror Picture Show” inspired him to practice complex looks by applying eyeshadow and contour. Fashion and makeup contribute to his confidence in showing his true self and exploring his feminine side.

“I wouldn’t be experimental if I didn’t have a solid base of confidence,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen doesn’t plan on toning down his style, and he continues to revolutionize it with  new fashion trends.

“My fashion is a reflection of who I am,” Nguyen said.