Letter to the Editor: ClimACT in support of student leadership


Michael Weiss

As an App State alum that works with state legislators, I know politics can get messy —but a few bad actors shouldn’t bring down democracy. While administration often ignores student voices, SGA is still an important avenue to practice democracy and fight for what matters. The indefinite suspension of SGA is an affront to students; limiting their opportunities to become political changemakers, silencing their voices and quelling dissent. As usual, App State administration has chosen to avoid transparency and ethical deliberation on issues that directly impact students.

Though SGA bills are deemed just recommendations to administration, it’s still the only legitimate avenue for student participation in university management. Now, SGA is working on important issues like grade transparency, Narcan in resident halls and the housing crisis —work that is essential for the safety, success and thriving of the App State community.

Throughout campus history, student groups like ClimACT and Black at App State have used protest, sit-ins and other direct actions as a way to be heard. Without SGA, students will likely resort to more disruptive ways to meet their needs. Rather than subduing student voices, administration must support SGA to be a strong and healthy organization with real power.

ClimACT members want to thank our student representatives for the work they’ve done — for navigating a system that belittles them, challenges them and deems their hard won policies as “recommendations from the kids.” We will join you in solidarity to uphold our democratic processes and use this opportunity to push for greater power as students.