Letter to the Editor: My support for Donald Trump is over, signed a Republican


The November election will undoubtedly determine the fate of our nation and, subsequently, the fates of future generations. While all of us may never fully agree on what this path should be, what we can agree on is fundamental change is desperately needed. Unfortunately, I must take responsibility for my part in contributing to the tumultuous and dangerous political climate originating from Washington. I have been a devoted Republican voter, and I, admittedly, voted for Donald Trump for president. I believed that change, whatever the form, was something we deserved. Today, I declare an end to my identity as a Republican. I proudly commit to voting for all Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden for President.

My support for this tyrannical president ended as soon as he stood next to Vladmir Putin in Helsinki and undermined our nation’s top intelligence officials’ findings that Russia interfered in every level of our elections. My support for this president ended when evidence was presented that, through his privilege and deep connections, he avoided serving in Vietnam and instead shafted the people of New York out of millions of dollars in frivolous real estate tax abatements. My support for this president ended when he ordered the Department of Homeland Security to rip migrant children out of the hands of their mothers and fathers at the southern border and put them in cages. My support for this president ended when he failed to denounce the actions of white supremacists in Charlottesville, and instead, sympathized with the likes of Klansmen by calling them “fine people.” My support for this president ended when he falsely asserted that climate change was “fake science” and demanded mentions of one of the world’s most damning issues be removed from online Environmental Protection Agency resources. My support for this president ended when he demeaned our nation’s top disease experts, willingly spread disinformation about a drug which he has considerable financial interest in that has been deemed “dangerous” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and suggested the public put stock in the opinions of “doctors” whose idea of medical advice revolved around the subject of “demon sex.” My support for this president ended when he failed to attempt to heal the nation when the atrocities brought on by irresponsible law enforcement toward our Black and brown brothers and sisters, and instead defended a racist criminal justice system that somehow rationalizes cops putting their knees on the necks of black people. My support for this president ended when he decided that the lives of teachers and students did not play a part in his re-election plans. My support for this president is over.

I urge each and every one of you, independent, Republican, and Democrat — to unite to restore the soul and conscience of our nation. I ask you to stand up for those who are afraid to and who can’t. We defeated the likes of Donald Trump on the beaches of Normandy, in Birmingham, and the Civil War. Let’s do it again.

Colby D. Carr

Economics Major

Class of 2017