Letter to the Editor: My support for Dylan Russell, Michael Page

Michael Bragg

Dear Editor,

As soon as I discovered that Dylan Russell and Michael Page are running for president and vice president of SGA, I knew that our campus could ask for no better candidates.

I have known both Dylan and Michael since their freshman year at Appalachian when they were president and vice president of their Hall Councils. Both Dylan and Michael submitted their programs and meeting minutes to me for review and their Hall Councils were well on their way to earning Hall of the Year, largely due to their direction.

The next year, Dylan, Michael and I were RAs together and I was able to see them grow into new leadership roles as Dylan counseled residents through tough situations in his many open programs and Michael mentored his residents in the Ultimate Man RLC.

Now, Dylan and Michael live on my floor and I could not ask for better leadership this year. They have converted Winkler, which is the most difficult residence hall in which to build community, into the ideal on-campus living situation. They did this by listening to the needs and interests of their fellow students; however, the best leaders don’t simply listen, they act upon what they hear and Dylan and Michael do just that.

Dylan now works with all clubs/organizations on campus as director of Campus Outreach and listens to them all, no matter their size or history. Michael creates programs with his residents in order for them to be catered to the specific needs of his residents. Together they built a home out of pieces of campus life, together they already listen and act upon the needs of the students at Appalachian and together they have naturally grown into the leadership positions of president and vice president of SGA.

I have no doubt that they will be receptive to the voice of the student body next year and could not believe more in their goal of building a better home at Appalachian.

Megan Marshall
Senior Elementary Education Major