Letter to the editor: Section 14 needs us!


Andrew Curry

By Andrew Curry, a senior history major.

It’s no secret that App State basketball has not been good the past few years. Since going 24-13 in the 2009-10 season and 16-15 in the 2010-11 season, we have not won more than 15 games in a season. Records of 9-22, 9-21, 15-18 and 11-21 are not exactly going to generate a buzz around campus. This is not a shot at the effort of any player or coach from the past, but frankly, we were not good. Student support of the team was abysmal. The student section, at points, could be mistaken for the second floor of the library. 

However, this year is different. Ever since he was hired, Coach Dustin Kerns has brought new energy to the program. Our players and coaches have stepped up, and we are on pace to have our best season since 2009-10. We have already surpassed our 15-win total from last year with more games to go. It is evident Coach Kerns in building a program here. With players such as O’Showen Williams, Justin Forrest and Isaac Johnson, among others, this year’s team is fun to watch. With three home games to go (Thursday Feb. 20 and Saturdays Feb. 22 and 29), our team is competing for one of the top spots in the conference. 

With this success, it is time for the students to step it up. By this, I mean the atmosphere at games. Anyone that attends football games knows that we have the best atmosphere in the Sun Belt. People stand up, cheer and are involved in the game. Although our basketball team is not a top national contender like the football team, they are improving and are one of the top teams in conference. There is no reason we cannot take the incredible atmosphere from Kidd Brewer into the Holmes Center for basketball.

Let’s come together and make the basketball student section as good as the football one. Come to the games and be involved. Stand up the entire game. Follow the student section leaders during cheers, and make Holmes a difficult place to play just like Kidd Brewer. So, come out to the games, be in Section 14 (the student section) and wild out. Follow the student section on twitter @GoApps3 for more information.