Letter to the editor: Students should be heard regarding Library 24/5

Letters to the Editor

 Library 24/5 is a program in which the library operates Sunday at noon until Friday evening without closing. Currently, five out of the 16 UNC institutions operate this way with more coming. Of those five institutions, three utilize state-allocated funding, while the other two utilize student fees.


When questioned about their stance on this issue, institutions underscored the importance that college promotes knowledge and provides opportunities for educational expansion. And for this program to be supported by state-allocated funds during this budget crisis, one can see that it is a valued commodity.


A decision was made in 2011 to eliminate our program after two years because of low usage numbers, but I believe this program was not given ample time to determine how future usage could grow. Other institutions experienced low usage as well in the early stages, but noticed a trend upward as students conformed their study rituals to new opportunities.


This week, a referendum is being held to determine if the student body supports the idea of a minimum $5 per semester fee increase that would provide funding to finance the full operation of the library 24/5 program.


As student body president, I worked not to win the argument that this is the right program, but to give students the opportunity to decide what’s best for them. I appeal to you to vote in your best interest. Take this opportunity to finally grasp your fees and tell the administration what you want your educational experience to be. 


Written by: JAKE COX, Appalachian alumnus and past Student Government Association president.