Local hotel to serve as student housing


Evan Bates

Sleep Inn, located off the U.S. Highway 105 Extension, as the day ends.

William Becker, Reporter

The Sleep Inn Boone University Area will serve as transfer student housing for the 2023-24 academic year.

According to the Office of the Chancellor’s weekly newsletter email Friday, the university “has entered into a service agreement” with the hotel “to meet anticipated demand for on-campus housing in August.” 

This was announced by Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs J.J. Brown during a High Country Community Leaders Breakfast hosted by Chancellor Sheri Everts Thursday. 

Further information about this housing opportunity has also been posted on University Housing’s website

The Sleep Inn, located at 163 NC-105 Extension, will have space to accommodate 140 students, with 58 double occupancy rooms and 24 single occupancy rooms. The building will be hotel-style and co-ed by room, with included laundry and kitchen facilities as well as wireless internet access. 

Double occupancy rooms will contain double beds, while single occupancy rooms will contain one king bed. Each room will have a private bathroom, minifridge, microwave, television, closet, desk and chair. Double occupancy rooms will also include a wardrobe.

University Housing mentioned on their website that while the building will be accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, “transfer students requesting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) will need to select to reside in Mountain Laurel, or may need to be reassigned upon approval.”

University Housing included an additional disclaimer on the website that further information may become available, stating they “are working to provide more pictures and detailed information about the room arrangements while living at the Sleep Inn.”