Man on the Street: Book checkout system

Tiffany Tyler

Anne Buie

The university’s bookstore changed their textbook checkout system to save money and make the process go smoother. The Appalachian asked some students how they felt about the new process.

“How do you feel about the new book checkout system?”

 “I feel like eventally it’s going to be a lot more efficent, but I feel like right now everybody is still trying to get used to it is due to students not knowing exactly where we’re going, so I think that next year’s it’s going to be a lot better but this year it’s kind of hectic.”

– Senior public relations and journalism major Tiffany Tyler

Tiffany Tyler



    Brock Mannino

“I think the new rental system is actually very good and it’s a lot more systematic and works well with how many people we have coming in and out and it saves a lot of money.”

– Senior hospitality and tourism management major Michael Brookman






“I feel that the new rental system is working well, but I dislike the fact that we have to allow other people to pick out our purchase books. As an English major, I end up buying a lot of extra books and I don’t always want to buy them all at once so I think it’s kind of annoying and not as efficient to let them pick our books as well.”

– Senior English and secondary education major Maggie Dillon

Maggie Dillon