Margaret Spellings resigns as UNC School System president

Moss Brennan, Reporter

UNC System President Margaret Spellings announced that she is resigning, Spellings said in a press conference on Oct. 26. 

“All leaders are for a time,” Spellings said. “Times change and those changes demand new leaders and new approaches.”

Spellings was hired three years ago and had two years left in her contract. The Board of Governors agreed to pay her $500,000 for a research leave provision in her contract and $35,000 in relocation expenses which will not come from taxpayer funds, according to WRAL.

“I like to think I’m young enough to have a few more licks in me,”  Spellings said.

She said she hopes to continue to work in public service, most likely in Texas.

She was the Secretary of Education from 2005 to 2009 where she implemented the No Child Left Behind Act, according to her UNC System bio.

Story by Moss Brennan