Doblin strives to improve student life


Jeremy Doblin is a new addition to the SGA senate, elected to represent this year’s freshman class.

Emily Broyles, Reporter

Besides trying to better campus, Jeremy Doblin, freshman political science major and newly-elected first-year senator, hopes to just be a friend to all.

Originally from New York, Doblin moved to North Carolina six years ago and attended school in Apex. Doblin joined organizations such as the Jewish culture club, Latin club and the film club later on in his high school career. He also worked various jobs.

“I worked a lot,” Doblin said. “I was a soccer referee all four years of high school and was a chef at Jason’s Deli.”

Doblin chose to work instead of doing more extracurricular activities to save up for college, but he still wanted to do things he loved.

“I chose to be a referee because I love the sport soccer and I wanted to be able to continue that love while also being able to make money,” Doblin said. “I loved being a referee as I was able to interact with young and upcoming kids as well as meeting other great referees.”

Taking the leadership and management skills he obtained from the workforce, Doblin said he was determined to play a role in the bettering of student life.

“I would definitely say I’m hands-on,” Doblin said. “I hope to work directly with students’ needs and problems.”

Doblin is on the student affairs committee, where the focus is benefiting students. Doblin suggested printers in every dorm as a potential goal.

“Things just pop up every semester that students feel should be changed or added or improved,” Doblin said. “I’ll definitely be sitting out on Sanford Mall to just talk to students and see what I can do to make it better.”

Cody Edwards, freshman computer science major, said he feels  Doblin is bound to make a lasting impact as a senator.

“He always has these great ideas that could improve either the school or make a student’s life better,” Edwards said. “Jeremy is trustworthy, respectful and sociable.”

Edwards also said that although he’s only known Doblin for a few weeks, he can already count on Doblin as a good friend.

“Jeremy is one of the first people I met on campus that proved to be a good and reliable friend and someone I can count on,” Edwards said. “Having that when in an entirely new environment can really help to take off some pressure and stress of starting off college.”

Aaron Carpenter, junior psychology and cellular biology major, first met Doblin at Shabbat services at the Temple of the High Country. After talking to Doblin more frequently in fraternity rushes, he said he clearly sees Doblin’s motivation to better App State.

“Since meeting him, I have heard him speak numerous times about his desire to make the school a better place through his senatorial position,” Carpenter said. “The first thing that comes to mind when I think of him is his genuineness.”

When Doblin isn’t practicing his senate duties, he’s engaged in other clubs such as the Hillel club, the politics club, the emerging leaders organization and the hiking club. He also works at the Student Recreation Center in outdoor programs.

Doblin said he also likes to hang out with friends and to learn more about Judaism, his religion.

“I go to services every Friday. I’m also thinking about joining a Jewish fraternity, so I’m trying to be more engaged with Judaism,”  Doblin said.

While Doblin explores his first semester at App, he ultimately plans to help others do just that.

“Even though I represent the students, I want to be your friend,” Doblin said. “If they need a person to do homework with, or to study, or to go on a hike, I’d be there.”

Story by Emily Broyles, News Reporter 

Photo courtesy SGA

Featured photo caption: Jeremy Doblin is a new addition to the SGA Senate, elected to represent this year’s freshman class. Doblin wants to not only serve the App community but also be a great friend.