New building named Appalachian Hall

Chelsey Fisher

The honors college’s offices and classrooms will be moving from the downstairs basement of East Hall to the newest building in the Honors and Leadership Engagement Village, Appalachian Hall, by early January, Leslie Jones, director of the honors college, said.

The name “Appalachian Hall” was chosen by the Board of Trustees, Jones said.

It is planned that the building will be certified for occupancy by mid-December, Jones said.

For spring semester, there will be eight classes offered in Appalachian Hall, Jones said. But there will be more classes offered in it for the following fall semester once people see that the new building is open.

“We are very excited about moving into this new space and being, once again, close to those honors students who live in the honors residential community,” Jones said. “It will complete the vision of the chancellor for an honors college space that will illustrate his commitment to the program and the students.”

Honors students are just as excited, if not more excited, for their classes to be nearby once again, Meredith Gragg, sophomore biology major, said.

“It’s going to be way nicer and I really like the 24/7 study rooms that they’re going to open,” Gragg said.

Gragg said that considering she almost had an honors class in the Living Learning Community this semester before it was dropped, having honors classes next door is going to be great.

Story: LINDSAY BOOKOUT, News Reporter