New GPA policy in place

Anne Buie

Freshmen and transfer students who earn a 0.0 grade point average after their first semester will be placed on academic suspension, according to the new 0.0 GPA policy implemented for the first time this semester.

Previously, students were placed on academic probation if they had a 0.0 GPA.

“The Student Achievement Team [researched] these students and determined that it is in their and our best interest for academic suspension to occur sooner, rather than later,” Susan Davies, associate vice chancellor for enrollment services, said.

Data provided by Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning on these students showed that most of the students who earn a 0.0 GPA drop out on their own or are academically suspended after their third semester, Davies said.

“We really felt like we were doing students a disservice if we know they’re not going to be successful after having this type of start to their college career,” she said.

The university was concerned about the students who “failed everything,” said Lynne Waugh, director of Academic Advising and member of the University Advising Council.

“You know something’s going on,” Waugh said. “They probably need to be out for a while.”

To meet good academic standing, students with one to 15 attempted hours must earn a 1.75 GPA, a 1.90 GPA if they have between 16 and 30 attempted hours and a 2.00 GPA for 31 or more attempted hours.

“The Student Achievement Team really believes that as we set higher academic expectations for the students, the students will rise to meet those expectations,” Davies said.

The policy, which was initiated by the Student Achievement Team, was approved by the Student Achievement Team in spring 2011 and the Enrollment Planning Council in summer 2011.

The policy was then approved by the Dean’s Council in fall 2011 and voted and approved by the Academic Policies & Procedures Committee on Nov. 2, 2011.

Story: KELLI STRAKA, News Reporter