New Quinn Recreation Center floors included in approved capital projects


Moss Brennan, Reporter

New hardwood floors for the Quinn Recreation Center and elevator modernization at the APH are just a few of the campus improvements faculty and students will see in the coming years. 

On March 27, the board of trustees met via conference call and approved six infrastructure projects. 

The following were approved:

  • Appalachian Panhellenic Hall elevator modernization
  • Jerry Moore Plaza
  • Dining renovations and planning
  • Bookstore renovations and planning
  • Quinn Recreation Center — resurface basketball floor
  • Parking lot improvements

Paul Forte, vice chancellor for business affairs, said the projects are funded by “trust fund reserves” and won’t increase  student fees.

“Capital project expenditures are permitted to continue, and the funding for these projects will not put strain on the university, as reserve funds are being used for them,” Forte said. 

Forte said a new hardwood floor, snow guards and gutters to correct water infiltration issues, new court partitions, and basketball goals will be installed at Quinn Recreation Center.

The Quinn projects are scheduled to be completed this summer and the total cost for the project is $730,128.

The dining renovations, which require board of governors approval, will involve an upgrade of entry and exit gates; mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades; and a new dishwasher. 

Forte said the upgrades “will provide immediate efficiencies” and offer flexibility for the school while transitioning to the All You Care to Eat format.

The design phase will take place from July to March and construction is expected to be completed by July 2021. 

The bookstore project, which also requires board of governors approval, will include planning for an AppCard office, a change in the layout of the book rental area to make book rental rush more efficient. 

The design phase for the bookstore project is from this June to April 2021 and construction should be completed by August 2021. 

The Appalachian Panhellenic Hall elevator modernization project was originally approved in December 2018 for $700,000. Since the project was bid for $699.800, the business affairs committee asked for $750,000 instead to have contingency funds. 

The parking lot improvements project costs $738,202 and will involve replacing gates. The project is scheduled for completion in the summer. 

The Jerry Moore plaza will be built in front of the End Zone in honor of former football head coach Jerry Moore. The project is funded through donations and  is estimated to cost $495,000. The date of completion is set for July 2021. 

“These capital improvement projects that maintain/improve our infrastructure and keep us on track with our approved plans for the future, will ensure our campus is positioned to continue serving our students and providing them the best possible college experience,” Forte said.