New SGA Cabinet members confirmed after recent firings


Moss Brennan, Reporter

Two sophomores replaced recently fired Student Government Association cabinet members during a Senate meeting on Jan. 29.

Greg Steckbeck, management major, was confirmed as the director of legislative operations and Jack Watson, computer science major, was confirmed as the director of student affairs.

Brigitte Kelly, vice president and junior political science major, appointed both positions.

“I am very grateful. I want to make them proud and do the best job I can and execute my duties,” Steckbeck said.

Steckbeck said he wants to bring the Rules Committee closer to the student body. Steckbeck was the ranking member of Rules Committee last semester and has been part of the Student Government Association since freshman year.

“He had experience chairing meetings and reading rules reports so he just seemed most appropriate,” Kelly said. “I think he’ll do a really good job changing the climate of rules committee to be not so looming.”

Watson said he is excited about his position and wants to learn as much as he can. He also said he wants to “continue to do great things for App.”

Watson is a member of the student conduct board and the University Recreation Council. He is also a  member of the Resident Housing Association.

“SGA does have a lot of power, and doing what I can through every single organization and seeing how they balance together, this is where it’s led me,” Watson said.

Kelly chose him because of his credentials and his understanding of student affairs.

“He really understood that student affairs is a position that is more of an umbrella approach and also a fireman approach, so you’re putting out fires and you have to have a big picture of everything,” Kelly said.