Online classes provide ‘convenience’ for students, but many ‘cons’

Chelsey Fisher

There are many more “cons” to online classes compared to regular classes, Heather Lippard, a member of the Learning Skills Services program, said.

A major problem with online classes is time management, Lippard, who also works as an adviser, said.

“I’ve had many students tell me they had simply forgotten about the class,” Lippard said.”Others forget about the due date/time for an assignment and get things turned in literally the minute before it’s due or turn it in late.”

For students taking online classes, Lippard recommends to look at the online class as a traditional class, and to prepare for technology issues by completing assignments early, she said.

Freshman undecided major Julie Blakesmith isn’t a fan of online learning, she said.

“I took an online class while I was in highschool and I just didn’t like the atmosphere of it,” Blakesmith said. “I didn’t retain as much information as I would in a regular class so I decided not to try the route here again at App”.

Sophomore graphic design major Tyler Tarnowski enjoys taking online classes, he said.

“I like being able to complete my classwork when I have time in my schedule, I also don’t have to schedule social events over when I have class,” Tarnowski said.

Story: KAILEIGH BASILE, Intern News Reporter