Opinion: Believe it or not, screamer preacher brings students together

Lindsay Bookout

Abbi Pittman

Lindsay BookoutAnyone who’s been to the university for at least a semester knows about the preacher who comes to campus and spews random nonsense about his version of Christianity.

A lot of people seem to have a problem with him, and I think that’s because some people take what he says seriously.

But even if you’re not taking what he says seriously, even if what he preaches offends you, take a step back for a moment and look around. The crowd you’re standing in is all united against this man.

My friends and I always go outside to listen to this preacher. We disagree with every single thing that he says, but to us, and everyone sitting around us, he is just a source of entertainment.

When he returned Wednesday, my roommate ran into our room yelling, “Come outside! The preacher is back!”

And then we went to watch with our fellow Mountaineers – people we didn’t even know – and hung out while listening to a man attempt to preach the “word of God.”

I think it’s really cool that everyone knows who the preacher is and we can all swap funny stories about him.

He once told my roommate that she is a “wicked, wicked woman” because she is a Catholic. He called one guy “the child of the Devil.” He said attractive women are lesbians.

What he’s saying is just too outlandish to even be true. Why get upset?

Maybe it’s because I do not affiliate with any sort of religious denomination, but I think that everyone should be able to sit back and enjoy the preacher’s bizarre comments and the company of their peers.

I’m proud to know that Appalachian can come together against someone so hateful.

It really doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe in – as long as you’re standing beside me shaking your head at that preacher, we’re instant allies.

Bookout, a sophomore English major from Charlotte, is an intern news reporter.