Opinion: College Democrats play dirty

Kaitlin Newkirk

Abbi Pittman

Kaitlin Newkirk“Have you registered to vote? Hello? Hey come back!” 

Heard this around campus lately? Well guess what, you’re not alone. The people chasing us with clipboards may have good intentions, but some of them have a definite goal: to register students as Democrats.

Have you noticed that every single one of them is wearing an Obama-Biden button?

Talk about biased propaganda.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am a Democrat and my vote will most likely be going to Obama; however, I feel that we as a political party should proceed with more tact – harassing pedestrians isn’t very effective.

But that’s not the only disappointing canvasing technique I’ve seen lately.

Recently, two signs were put up on campus sponsored by the university’s College Democrats. The first read: “Republican Check List; 1. No voting on college campuses, 2. Eliminate birth control, and 3. Raise student loan rates.”

The second sign displayed the message: “Romney: Made in U.S.,” with “U.S.” crossed out and “China” written in its place.

The “no voting on college campuses” statement doesn’t seem to be rooted in truth. I have been unable to find any news or literature on the matter, so I would need to see some legitimate evidence to believe this. Otherwise, it’s just an empty assertion.

As for the, “Made in China” sign, I fail to see the effect of this statement. It looks just as bad as the “Obama forged his birth certificate” accusation.

Yes, Romney claims he is against birth control, and yes, the Romney/Ryan budget will supposedly double student loan rates. And while I do not support these propositions, I do think the College Democrats are portraying themselves poorly on our campus.

Why must they put up signs against the Republican Party when they could make signs highlighting Obama’s plans instead?

So far, the College Republicans haven’t put up signs accusing or insulting Obama, so why is it necessary for Democrats to do it?

If you are backing Obama and would like to do it publicly, then we as Democrats should be able to present a case that is so convincing that there is no need to demonize the opponent.

While my support goes to Obama, other college students should be able to choose their own opinion without having it forced upon them.

Kaitlin Newkirk, a junior English major from Wilmington, is an opinion writer.