OPINION: Top three study spots on campus


Bella Lantz, Opinion Writer

App State is known for its beautiful outdoor scenery and well-designed buildings. There are many different indoor study spots enjoyable year-round, not to mention the stunning outdoor study spots. However, not many students recognize all the fantastic study spots offered on campus. When rating the best study spots, it is important to take into account seating, silence, space and accessibility. Based on these conditions, Belk Library, Summit Trail Solarium and Durham Park are the top three study spots on campus. 

1. Belk Library

Belk Library is located next to Plemmons Student Union and is near the heart of App State, Sanford Mall. The library is open 24/7 on weekdays. On weekends, it is still open for around 12 hours. The library has five floors, including the basement, so there is plenty of space for students to branch out. The basement has rooms and technological equipment for class projects or advanced technological studies. The first floor holds printers and assistant rooms for different needs, as well as tables and study spaces. Both the first and second floors also contain laptops for those who need a computer. The second to fourth floors contain many books accessible to everyone who needs them. All floors hold private rooms available for booking for group projects or silent study areas. Many of the levels also hold couches or more comfortable seating. Since it is a library, it is the perfect quiet area for people needing silence to focus. Overall, the library carries everything needed to have a nice studying environment. 

2. Summit Trail Solarium

Summit Trail Solarium is found in the student union, by the International Hallway. It is one of the first rooms when entering through the student union doors, making it easy for students to find and use. The solarium is an indoor greenhouse with a variety of plants and trees, along with a miniature waterfall. It is an amazing spot, especially in winter when the weather is too cold to study outside. The solarium is two stories, with the second story being an open indoor balcony. There are two different types of seating, tables and chairs or couches. The solarium is usually open for over 12 hours a day making it accessible to all people. Many students are respectively quiet in the space, but the solarium does hold a piano. This means once in a while students can come in and play or practice on the piano. So normally it is relatively quiet, but there are a few times that background piano music will be played.

3. Durham Park

Many people refer to Sanford Mall as a great place to study, but normally there are activities going on that could distract or make it difficult to focus. Durham Park is an amazing alternative if outside is beautiful. Durham Park is located next to Central, near the tennis courts. Not many people know about how beautiful this spot is. With a creek running through the middle of the area, it drowns out much of the traffic or people’s noise. Durham Park is incredibly underrated. With it being so large, it is easy to get lost in nature and not often see another person. There are lamp posts, so it is possible to study there at night. There are a few benches sporadically placed throughout the park, but the best idea is to grab a blanket and sit close to the stream on the grass. Another option is to grab a hammock and lay in it close to the river. Along with something to sit on, it is recommended to bring a book or to have a hot spot on hand because there is no Wi-Fi in the area. Overall, Durham Park is a beautiful study spot if the weather is reasonable.