Opinion: Why I remain unaffiliated

Anne Buie

Now more than ever, every vote is needed. The candidates have been neck-and-neck all election season and as the election date draws nearer, it is hard to determine who will actually win.

The Watauga Democrat
recently reported that over 16,625 voters have registered as unaffiliated this election season in the county – a 19.9 percent jump from 2008.

This number includes myself.
I don’t feel adequately represented by the two main parties.

The two-party system is broken, inherently wrong and outdated.

Look at the events influenced by both parties: bank bailouts, American military intervention overseas and the president’s kill list.

But third parties usually realize the corruption of electoral politics, and make its reform a central part of their platform.

I can always appreciate their efforts, but each attempt at reform fails.

If we cannot fix the system, we must overthrow it by organizing the oppressed class. Society’s oppressed class is the workers, who create value for the ruling class, but are paid less than that value in return.

I have not found a political party around here I like, but I have met others who reciprocate my views, and that is why I remain unaffiliated – for now.

Mann, a freshman computer science major from Raleigh, is an opinion writer.