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    Freddy FazbearNov 7, 2023 at 12:16 pm

    Five Nights at Freddy’s is a movie that was very deserving of the big screens. It had its issues however, being primarily written by the games creator who doesn’t have a lot of experience with movie scripts. Although, this article misses the issues the movie has and picks random points that aren’t factual as the issues.
    “Somehow, he deduces that these ghost children must know something about his brother’s kidnapping.” The plot point the movie created to support this, is that Mike has a theory that in you remember everything and you can unlock this in your dreams, hence him assuming these children also saw his brothers kidnapping and would be able to help provide information regarding it.
    “The film’s issues derive from the decision to turn a very simple horror concept into a confusing and complicated story about “ghost children possessing giant robots,”” This is the horror concept that was created from the very first game, it is not the films adaptation, it was always there.
    “…a CGIed animatronic cupcake chomping harmlessly on a character’s leg is meant to be terrifying.” The cupcake was not CGI, all of the animatronics were practical. There are moments where there is CGI, but classifying the whole of a character as essentially a CGI Jumpscare is unfair.
    “Devotees to the franchise will be frustrated by the film’s deviation from series lore and underuse of the animatronic characters.” Devotees to the franchise will be thrilled with the moments of Easter eggs and fan service that are hidden throughout this movie and the animatronics are used the entire time.

    Some issues I have with this movie is they don’t successfully build a threat for horror, and I do agree the nights to spend too much time in the dream world. But this movie does have scares and is an excellent example of a first horror movie. The franchise creator has already announced he’s been very receptive of the critiques with this movie, and I have high hopes that the sequel will be even better.