Q’s Corner: Dealing with depression and anxiety



With the end of the semester looming on the horizon, mental health is the last thing on most people’s minds. That’s unfortunate because now is exactly the time of year for people to be concerned with their mental health.

It’s no secret that many college students suffer from anxiety and depression. The American College Health Association found in a 2018 survey that 19.8 percent of students surveyed felt that depression had negatively affected their academic performance in the previous year. 28.1 percent reported that anxiety did the same.

Depression and anxiety are often taboo subjects, but not as much as they have been. Older generations tended to ignore these topics, but this generation seems more open and honest about mental health issues.

More college students are seeking help. A 2015 report from the Center for Collegiate Mental Health found that the number of students visiting counseling centers increased by about 30 percent on average. This is good, and students suffering need to recognize that being honest about their struggles doesn’t make them weak.

Having depression or anxiety isn’t a moral failing on anyone’s part. It’s the brain not functioning as it should. It’s a disease or injury much like any other. Getting help is much the same as getting a cast for a broken limb, it’s what needs to be done to heal.

Please, if you’re feeling that your anxiety or depression is becoming too much, reach out and get help. It doesn’t get better on its own. It doesn’t go away overnight. You don’t have to suffer through this.

App State has resources available to students who want to reach out and get help. The counseling center on campus is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and offers a variety of services to people in need. In an emergency, they can be reached at 828-262-3180. You can also schedule appointments online at counseling.appstate.edu. The local mental health emergencies number is 828-264-HELP and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK.

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