Review: Thrill, drama and closure as final episodes of ‘Weeds’ approach

Meghan Frick

For those who have been watching “Weeds” since its genesis in 2005, Sunday, Sept. 16 is a day of high hopes, nail-biting anxiety and great anticipation.

The reason: Sunday holds the premiere of episodes 101 and 102, the final two episodes of the show’s final season. The two wrap-up episodes will be aired back-to-back, making for a full hour of “Weeds” for the first time in the series’ history.

After the conclusion of episode 100 this week, viewers were left hanging with several burning questions: What will come of Andy and Nancy’s relationship? How will Guillermo and Conrad be involved in Nancy and Silas’s grow plans? Will Doug be successful in his attempt to scam the government through the founding of his own religion? Will Silas follow through in rekindling the flame with his longtime ex-girlfriend, Megan?

Most importantly, will writer/producer Jenji Kohan satisfy her viewers’ curiosity or leave them wondering as usual?

So far, season eight has revived some of the excitement lost during the previous few seasons, including improved character development and plot mobility. Throughout seasons four, five, six and seven, many fans felt disappointed by the loss of the intrigue that drove the series through its first three seasons, which saw stellar reviews and loyal viewership.

The saving grace of the final season has been the decision to reunite the central characters under one roof. Having Nancy, Andy, Silas Shane and Doug back in a unified setting has given the writers room to play, allowed for interaction between the main characters and simplified the context of the show. The plot once again has the involvement and drama fans first came to love in 2005.

Long-and-short-term viewers of “Weeds” should be sure to catch Sunday’s two episodes. They promise to be filled to the brim with thrill, drama and — hopefully — closure.

Story: TAYLOR BRIGGS, Intern A&E Reporter