SGA Cabinet: Olivia Sheperd

Leah Rogers, Reporter

Director of Campus Resources 

Olivia Shepherd 

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary Education 

What inspired you to join Student Government?

I want to be an advocate for those who may not feel as comfortable being outspoken and our university needs some work on supporting students and I feel as if this was the best way to start moving things forward!

What drew you to your position? Campus resources encompasses a lot of different categories that cater to various students so I feel as if this role can help me work towards better initiatives for students. 

What is your biggest goal regarding SGA this year? 

My main goal is to achieve transparency between administration and just providing a healthier atmosphere for students. 

What are you looking forward to accomplishing this academic year? 

I am looking forward to a more equitable space for students on campus and within their classrooms!