SGA candidate profiles: Devin Mullins and Karolyn Martin

Jackie Park and Moss Brennan

The Appalachian sent questions to each student body president and vice president candidate to create profiles.

Below are the responses from presidential candidate Devin Mullins and vice presidential candidate Karolyn Martin.

Here are their answers:


1) Where are you from, and what made you choose App State? 

I am from Concord, which is just outside of Charlotte. My dad and sister both attended App State, and we frequently came up to Boone for football games and other happenings on campus. I fell in love with the school from an early age and knew this is where I wanted to go when it came time to apply.

2) What is your year and major and why did you choose that major? 

I am a second-year political science major and sustainable development minor. My career goal is to work on sustainable public policy in Washington D.C., so the two seemed like the perfect match! Also, my dad was a political science major here at App State in the early 90s, and I grew up with him instilling in me the belief that politics can (if pursued by passionate people) make positive change in people’s lives.

3) What is your experience with SGA? 

When my dad was at App State, SGA was one of his best experiences. I grew up hearing about all of the things he did when he was in App State’s SGA and all of the valuable connections and friends he made in the process. I knew I wanted SGA to be the center of my collegiate career. When I finally joined SGA as a University College Senator (representing all students without a declared major), I quickly became troubled by the inability for those who represented students in SGA to achieve bold and progressive goals. There was a narrative that SGA was only there to be a representative body, and some even suggested that as student leaders, we should allow our organization to be directed by university administration instead of the students we served. This prompted me to run for the highest Senate Leadership position, the Senate President Pro-Tempore, at the end of my first year. I won the election on a platform of empowering those members of SGA who directly represented students — Senators! I believe I was able to learn and grow in this position in a number of important ways. Firstly, I was frequently tasked with providing updates to senators on a regular basis and even chaired the Senate meetings a few times, growing my confidence and public speaking abilities. Secondly, I had the mandate of the student body behind my platform to empower Senators, so I knew that anything less than bold action was a negligent performance of my position. I introduced even bolder legislation than before and empowered other Senators to do the same, regardless of pressures or personal biases of those in positions of authority. I also appointed a staff of five Senators to chair the Senate Committees, and grew as a delegator and team leader by providing direction, vision and resources to my team. While the Senate made strides this past year to be more progressive champions of student rights, I believe we can do better. I’m running for President because I want to empower students and the Senators who represent them to be agents of change on campus. I do not believe you have to hold a fancy title to be a student leader. Anyone should be able to be a student leader, and their potential for creating change should not stop at “recommendations” to the administration. We can do better. We will do better.

4) What has been your most memorable moment at app state? 

My most memorable moment at App State was actually over the summer when almost nobody was here. I decided to stay up here and take summer classes and work to save up some money. The summer started off lonely and I was incredibly unhappy. I was always by myself and I missed the energy of having other students on campus. But as the summer went on, I started to really appreciate the campus for what it was. Boone is so beautiful and I spent nearly my entire first year taking that for granted. I specifically remember going for a walk from the apartment I was subleasing to the campus overlook in the greenwood parking lot and, after arriving, finally appreciating how beautiful my new home really was. I learned so much about my own independence and resilience that summer, and really fell in love with this little mountain town.

5) What’s your go to place in Boone? Campus? 

I spend a LOT of time at Espresso News. An earl grey tea with almond milk and honey is the way to go there! If I’m chilling on campus, you can probably catch me taking a nap in Whitewater Cafe. I usually start off trying to do school work but the ambience usually puts me right to sleep.

6) What is your favorite campus meal? Boone meal?

Favorite campus meal is definitely a chipotle chicken sandwich from McAlisters (in the Student Union, of course). Favorite Boone meal is a tie (sorry I refuse to choose) between Kow Soi from Sabeing Boone on King St. and literally anything from F.A.R.M. Cafe.

7) Anything else people should know about you? 

  • I have been involved with a number of organizations and clubs: Hall Council, RHA, Student Leadership Consultants, Trailhead Leadership Academy, and the Climate Action Collaborative.
  • I am a Plemmons Leadership Scholar and member of the Honors College.
  • Although my biggest passion is sustainability, I am excited to appoint an entire cabinet of people who have so many different passions for making App State a better place if I am elected president.
  • I would be the first openly LGBT Student Body President, which I hope would inspire and uplift others from my community to strive for leadership roles.
  • I chose an incredible vice president.


1) Where are you from and what made you choose App State? 

I am a military child, so I am not really “from” anywhere, but I currently live in Pinehurst. I chose App State because even though I have lived all over the country, I’ve never lived in the mountains. I was excited to embark on a new adventure!

2) What is your year and major and why did you choose that major? 

I am a communication sciences and disorders major. I am excited to have a career that is flexible and will allow me to work with my favorite people … kids!

3) What is your experience with SGA?

Last year, I served as a Freshman Class Senator. I currently serve as an Honors and Academics Senator as well as the Senate Clerk.

4) What has been your most memorable moment at app state?

So many moments have been unique and special in their own way!

5) What’s your go to place in Boone?

Again, ODB! I really love a good sandwich. Campus? To hang out: Sanford Mall in the summer. To study: The little “pods” on the third floor of the library.

6) What is your favorite campus meal?

Stir fry at Trivette. Boone meal? Anything at ODB!

7) Anything else people should know about you? 

I am passionate about serving others and I am optimistic about the opportunity to do that on a new platform. As the sole female candidate, I am so excited to represent such a large part of our community throughout this election!