SGA rules committee votes “insufficient” on cabinet appointee Christian Adams

Moss Brennan, Reporter

On Thursday night the Student Government Association Rules Committee voted insufficient on the director of marketing cabinet appointee Christian Adams, junior advertising major.

Greg Steckbeck, sophomore management major and ranking senator on the rules committee, said this was the first time in four years that a cabinet appointee was not ruled sufficient in the rules committee.

“He just didn’t bring a portfolio or any physical evidence of his work or experience so we couldn’t tell whether or not he was qualified for the position,” Steckbeck said. “In order to give him a sufficient in those categories we prefer to see some sort of proof he has experience there and not just a title.”

Steckbeck said the categories are substantive merit, prescribed qualification fulfillment, academic and conduct standing, and constitutionality.

Adams was ruled insufficient in substantive merit and prescribed qualification fulfillment.

“If you have an insufficient in any category, you will receive an insufficient rating overall,” Steckbeck said.

Steckbeck also said one person voted that Adams was sufficient in the prescribed qualification fulfillment category because of their work with Adams on the Milbourne and Kelly campaign last year.

Adams said he was the last person to present himself.

“I was there for about two hours and then went up to present,” Adams said. “I was very nervous. I’m just not good with public speaking and it was a lot for me in that moment.”

The Senate will vote on Tuesday to confirm Adams and the other appointees to their cabinet positions. The Senate can vote to send Adams back to the rules committee for a reevaluation for appointment, which means he would go through the process again.

Cabinet officials are appointed by the president and vice president then interviewed by the rules committee, which votes sufficient or insufficient before going to the Senate for final confirmation.

Steckbeck said they have to consult the rules because it is the first time in four years this has happened.

He also said the rules committee specified in their notes that they encourage Adams to be sent back to the rules committee for reevaluation if he is not confirmed by the Senate. Steckbeck said it was important that, if that happens, Adams brings physical evidence of his work like a resume and portfolio.

Adams said he was shocked when the decision came down but wants to go through the process again if he is not confirmed on Tuesday.

“I am definitely dedicated to this organization and to this position and I’ll do whatever I can to be approved,” Adams said.

Steckbeck said the other nominees were confirmed including Jared Mark, director of student affairs, and Joanna Faith Williams, director of elections. Two other appointments were removed from the docket due to extraneous circumstances and will be reheard another time.

“I have the utmost respect for the rules committee, for all the Senate and everyone in SGA and I hope that I can get approved,” Adams said.

Story by Moss Brennan