Social Justice week comes to Appalachian

Joshua Farmer

Appalachian State will host ASU Social Justice Week, a series of social justice and human rights events between March 19-28 with the help of more than 20 campus organizations.

“The ultimate goal of these events is to generate enough student interest to warrant an on-campus Center for Social Justice and Human Rights,” said Amanda Moore, a student coordinator for ASU Social Justice Week.

The purpose of Social Justice Week is to reach students and community members interested in making positive changes in the world who may not be fully informed as to how they can become involved, Moore said.

Amnesty International is one of the major groups supporting the events during Social Justice Week.

Amnesty International’s mission is to educate students and communities about grave global issues and inspire individuals to take action in combating such issues, according to

“Change starts with the individual,” Moore said. “And the individual contributes to grassroots movements.”

Story: NOLEN NYCHAY, Intern News Reporter