Student body president race moves to runoff, voting April 16-20


Moss Brennan, Reporter

The race for the App State student body president will continue in a runoff election between Caleb Hudson and Michael Davis.

Voting in the runoff election will take place from April 16 at 8 a.m. to April 20 at 8 a.m. The election link will be on AppSync. Those who voted in the general election can vote in the runoff.

According to the Student Government Association constitution if “no one ticket can obtain the required number of votes, a runoff election between the top two finishing tickets in the general election must be held within ten academic calendar days after the general election if requested by the second-place ticket.” A candidate is required to receive over 50% of the votes cast to win.

Davis.Hunter received 35.61% of the general election vote, Hudson.Melgar received 35.45% and Mullins.Martin received 27.73%. Additionally, 1.19% of the votes went to write-in candidates.

“First, I would like congratulate Devin and Caleb on running great campaigns. Cam and I are thankful for our campaign members and voters for still supporting us during this challenging time,” Michael Davis said. “We look forward to the runoff election and continuing to engage with students.”

This story will be updated if Hudson or Devin Mullins respond to The Appalachian’s request for comment.