Students campaign to start club football team


Silas Albright

Club Football’s Secretary Matt Scott (left), Vice President and Treasurer Caleb Wright and President Caleb Hudson pose at The Rock. This Fall will mark the first season of Club Football in App State history.

Silas Albright, Reporter

*Editor’s note: Earlier this story stated that there had never been a club football team at App State. This is incorrect, as there was a team from 1985-2006, according to App State Club Sports. This has been corrected. 



Twenty-three sports are listed on App State’s club sports website, including major sports like baseball and basketball as well as lesser known sports like equestrian and Ultimate Frisbee, but there hasn’t been a club football team since 2006. A group of students thought that needed to change, and the team plans to play its inaugural season in the fall.

App State is known for football. The success of the varsity program has led to an impressive fan base, uniting many people to support their Mountaineers.

“One of the biggest things we want to do is just feed that football culture,” said sophomore economics major Caleb Wright, who is vice president and treasurer of the club football team.

The club football team is still in its early stages, but the club executives have come up with a plan. Like all club sports at App State, any student who pays dues and meets academic requirements can join, and the team will compete against other schools’ club teams. Dues will range from $500- $600 depending on which helmet the player chooses. Included with dues are a helmet, shoulder pads, a girdle, a jersey and travel expenses.

The executives hope they can use Kidd Brewer Stadium for home games when the varsity team is on the road. This will give the community the opportunity to support the team and get their football fix when the varsity team isn’t at home.

“I mean obviously we’re very much a football school,” Wright said. “Our whole exec. board is always out at the games, always looking for anything football. We’re always into it. We wanted to fill that gap and basically give people something to do when App has away games.”

It wasn’t hard for sophomore finance and banking major and club president Caleb Hudson to come up with the idea of a club football team.

“When you love football or a sport that much, you have that drive. You want to keep playing it,” Hudson said. “Having played in high school, I was just like, ‘Dang, I really miss it.’”

For a sport as popular as football, it’s safe to say that Hudson is not alone in his desire to continue playing. The majority of high school football players don’t play at the collegiate level, but that doesn’t mean they lose their love for the game.

Other students, like sophomore international business major Ike Easterbrook, might have missed their chance to play football in high school and have another chance to play organized football at a competitive level.

“When I first heard about the club football team, I was stoked about it,”  Easterbrook said. “It’ll help me stay in shape and to go play some football with a good group of guys will definitely be cool. I didn’t play in high school, but I wish I had.”

The first interest meeting was held on Feb. 19 and the executive board plans to hold another meeting at a later date. The executives will post updates to @AppStateClubFootball on Instagram.