Students declare candidacy for next year’s SGA president, VP positions


The Appalachian Online

Nicole Caporaso

The declaration period for next year’s Student Government Association president and vice president is Feb. 16-20. Appalachian State University students considering running for the positions are required to fill out an information packet available in the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership office.

Marissa Pannell, SGA’s director of elections said there are certain requirements possible candidates must meet in order to run for office.

“The president and vice president must be [at least] a junior in standing as of the date he or she is inaugurated or assumes office,” Pannell said. “They must have attended [Appalachian] the previous fall and spring semesters prior to the first day of classes of the fall semester following the inauguration of the candidate.”

Candidates must also maintain a 2.5 GPA to qualify. Pannell and CSIL are tasked with reviewing candidate applications and records.

Students that fill out the form with intentions of running for president or vice president sign an agreement stating they give permission to the university to obtain their university records, which includes grades, transcripts and possible Student Code of Conduct violations.

Potential candidates also affirm they will adhere to all policies and rules, whether they be SGA, local, state or federal laws throughout the election.

“I only have hopes that the candidates that declare to run are making the decision to do so for the right reasons and the election yields the ticket that is right for the job,” Pannell said.

Current Student Body President Carson Rich and Vice President Daniel Tassitino are allowed to run for re-election if they choose. However, any potential candidates cannot be confirmed by CSIL or SGA until after the declaration period.

“As for the last time a ticket went up for re-election together, I don’t think [that] has occurred,” Pannell said. “There have been, I believe, three presidential candidates that went for re-election with a different VP candidate and won.”

According to the declaration packet, limited campaigning begins on Feb. 24, with regular campaigning beginning on March 16. Candidates will debate on March 17, the day before voting begins, with students being able to vote March 18-25.

The winning ticket of the election will be announced March 25 at 5:00 p.m. if there is a majority vote of 50 percent and 1 vote. If not, a runoff will occur.

STORY: Nicole Caporaso, Senior News Reporter