Textbooks gone virtual: App State introduces new book rental program

Jake Markland, Reporter

While much of university operations are moving away from a virtual format, App State’s updated textbook rental program is going electronic. 

With the new system, which was introduced May 24 at the start of the first summer class session, 70-80 percent of rental textbooks are now provided digitally. If a book is not available digitally, physical textbooks are still accessible through the rental program. 

Students can access content anytime, anywhere — including 100% offline access. Digital textbooks increase accessibility and offer equitable access, and are a more sustainable solution for textbooks,” according to the textbook rental program website

Virtual textbooks will automatically be made available to students on the first day of class via AsULearn. Physical textbooks and other course materials that are not available virtually will be shipped to students, similar to App State’s traditional rental system. 

Student fees paid each semester fund App State’s textbook rental program. The fee is $250 for the fall and spring semesters. For summer sessions, the fee is $14 per credit hour and caps off at $51 per session. 

Students still have the option to opt-out of the textbook rental program and purchase textbooks on their own.