The DJs of Boone


Katie Murawski

Scott Steward, “DJ Sno Chainz”

Being a DJ in Boone is common but “is not something you wear on your sleeve,” Scott Steward said.

Steward, a senior recreational management major at Appalachian, has performed at App Ski Mountain for the “Shred for the Cup” festival, Beech Mountain for the “College ShredFest” and at Appalachian Mountain Brewery.

But his favorite venue is Appalachian’s very own Legends where he performed for the “DJ Blowout” last October.

“It was nice to have artistic freedom,” Steward said. “I got to play what I wanted. I think I had the most fun out of anyone there. I would definitely play there again.”

Steward is influenced by Skrillex and Diplo’s collaboration, and Jack Ü. He uses mixes that explore a genre such as house or the “future” genre.

Scott Rodesiler, “DJ Boome”

Scott Rodesiler is a junior physics major also known as DJ Boome.

Rodesiler is also a producer who previously played all over the state and with venues in the Charlotte area, such as the Label nightclub and the Chop Shop in NoDa, the Queen City’s historic arts and entertainment district.

He previously collaborated with local producers such as Selkies (Jacob Burke), Dank Franks (Skylar Franks), BigByrd (Aaron Hinson) and Murkury (Alec Seifart), and is involved in bringing a new concert series of shows to The Uptown on Howard Street in downtown Boone.

The concert series is called “The Undrgrnd,” and dates are to be announced.

“[The Undrgrnd] is bringing all the top local DJs and producers to give them their chance to show off what they have worked so hard for,” Rodesiler said.

With the series, they hope to bring the “best show production seen on a local level” in Boone through showcasing local DJs, he said.

Zach Bayha

Zach Bayha is a junior graphic design major who mostly plays house shows, but also performed at last year’s DJ blowout.

“Being a DJ in Boone makes you adjust to different settings,” Bayha said. “There’s a small EDM scene here and I do feel like it’s growing”.

Bayha is influenced by Buku, Apashe, Flume and Thriftworks, and is also a fan of DJ Boome.

“He’s a really awesome DJ with tons of experience and skills,” he said.

Briant S. Davis, “Tekromancer”

Briant S. Davis, known as the Tekromancer, is a student and DJ at 90.5 WASU. In the past, he has performed for on-campus events and locally at Geno’s and River Street Ale House.

Davis’ influence, Jazzy Jeff, inspired him to become a DJ “[Jeff] is a great producer and scratch master,” he said.

Now, Davis is working on his first EP, and has a “mash up” that is a work-in-progress.

He follows his motto, “If people want to dance, I am willing to spin,” and says the EDM/DJ scene in Boone is welcoming.

“I thought I would have a hard time breaking out in this market, being a person of color that likes EDM music,” he said. “Actually, it’s been very receptive.”

Keaton Reeve-, “DJ Keaton”

DJ Keaton, CEO/owner of local production company Boone Beats Entertainment, learned to mix after meeting the previous owners of the company through the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

“I really admired how professional of a business [the previous owners] had started at such a young age,” Reeve said. “Corey Brennan was the Resident DJ at Char and really took me under his wing. With his permission I began shadowing him every night that he played.”

Reeve reportedly learned on Brennan’s equipment, walking two miles from his house to learn new skills on a daily basis, he said. Reeves eventually started taking Brennan’s shifts at Char, which is now The Local.

Reeve, who says his style leans toward hip-hop, rap and “trap/twerk,” is currently the resident DJ for Klondike Café, spinning most nights in addition to at local functions.

“You will never become famous without the support of your local community,” he said. “My advice is to remain humble and share your success with the community that helped you achieve it. That’s how you will be successful as a DJ.”

Story by: Katie Murawski

Photos by: Courtesy of respective artists