Things they don’t tell you as a freshman


Aldo Sabaria

Stick Boy Co. employee Reed Conner serves local patrons Abby Schmidt, Mariah Watson and Alexis Riccio. Located right across from Durham Park, customers enjoy all that Stick Boy has to offer like pastries, coffee and more, July 21, 2022.

Hollie Moore, Associate News Editor

Beginning college is a mix of emotions and a boatload of information at one time, with hope that nothing is missed. There are a few things App State just might overlook at orientation this year that may save you extra cash or time.

Health Services has an on-campus pharmacy where students are able to buy over-the-counter medications at less than half the price as buying them at the CVS and Walgreens off campus. 

This can include generic brands for pain relief, allergies or flu and cold medicines. For example, an off-brand allergy relief of Zyrtec is $5 at the campus pharmacy comparable to the $22.79 Zyrtec at CVS.

Birth control is also offered through App State and can be prescribed at Student Health Services. Emergency contraceptives are also available in the pharmacy.  

Students also receive a $50 Amazon gift card for getting the COVID-19 vaccine at Student Health Services. 

Apple Music and Spotify provide 50% discounts for college students. All they require is your university information and proof you’re enrolled. Spotify also includes a subscription to Hulu and Showtime when you purchase a student premium account. 

Makoto’s provides steak and a sushi bar to the Boone community. Located off Blowing Rock Road, they offer a discount to App State students. Photo taken July 21, 2022. (Aldo Sabaria)

SGA has partnered with certain businesses to provide students with various discounts. Places where you can receive a discount as a student include Stick Boy Bread Co., Makoto’s, Best Buy and more.

Moving to campus secrets, printers are located in most academic buildings and in Plemmons Student Union on campus, not only the library. The library provides instructions on how to use campus printers, each printed page being between $0.03-$0.50. 

For the days you bring your lunch to campus or want to rejuvenate that late morning meal, microwaves are located in Leon Levine Hall and Cascades.

Outside of campus, Boone has a couple hidden gems made to aid students. A prime example being Boone Student Beeper, both an app for your phone called Ride Beep App and a Facebook group. 

Beeper was created to make sure Boone members, primarily students, were able to always have a cheap and safe way home, as they list in their Facebook information. It’s also been a way for students and residents to make a few extra bucks by driving. 

Another Facebook group heavily used by App State students and alum is Appalachian Classifieds. Members are able to sell items, inquire about Boone or the university, meet new friends or find roommates. 

Boone is also home to AppalCart, a free bus service going throughout Boone for students and residents. The buses can be tracked on an app called TransLoc, seeing where you are and how long until the next bus will arrive closest to your location.

For those thinking about studying abroad or taking a vacation outside the U.S., the App State post office is equipped for full passport application processes; you can order a passport without leaving campus.