AppalCart steering to new mobile app

Jake Markland, Reporter

AppalCart announced Wednesday it will be using a new mobile app that riders can use to find transportation. 

The public transportation system discontinued its contract with NextBus, another public transit vehicle tracking system, July 22 in favor of the new app TransLoc. 

“The new TransLoc app offers improvements that we feel will better serve our passengers,” said AppalCart Director Craig Hughes. “Passengers can expect increased responsiveness and a more user-friendly interface with the new mobile app, and we appreciate the patience of our passengers as we transition to the new system to better serve our passengers.”

The new app, which is available on Google Play and Apple app stores, allows for real-time vehicle tracking, according to the TransLoc website. 

Real-time schedules will not be available until Aug. 9. AppalCart will return to its usual schedule Aug. 16, App State’s first day of class.