To Our Readers:

Editorial Board

The Appalachian Editorial Board acknowledges and takes full responsibility for the uninformed and ambiguous argument published in an opinion article, “An eye-for-an-eye social justice hurts innocent people” published Sept. 12. We have no excuses for this oversight. A core tenet of our code of ethics, as is the Society of Professional Journalists’ doctrine, is to avoid harm. This piece was harmful to people who are marginalized on our campus. 

We have begun efforts to ensure we are more thorough in our editing process and sensitive to race and minority issues in the future. To prevent a similar situation from happening, we are actively creating communication channels between other campus organizations to include and educate ourselves on various perspectives in our reporting. We have planned relevant training for our staff to continue producing the fair and balanced content our readers expect.

In this spirit, we commit to do better at questioning our own backgrounds while considering and learning more about the cultural experiences and attitudes of our audience. 

We encourage students to share their perspectives by submitting letters to the editor. You can send letters to