Town council appoints ASU human resources coordinator to planning commission


The Appalachian Online

Ben Sessoms

The Boone Town Council unanimously appointed Appalachian State Human Resources Coordinator Becky Gosky to the town’s planning commission to fill a vacant position during a council meeting on March 16.

According to the meeting’s agenda package, there were originally three applicants for the position, but Cathy LaMarre rescinded her application to endorse Gosky.

“After talking to Ms. Gosky, I really got an awesome impression,” LaMarre said during a public comment at the meeting. “I feel like she’s a really amazing representative of our community.”

LaMarre also said that the Human Resources office, where Gosky is employed, had sent out an email trying to find housing for new faculty at Appalachian State.

“I think [Gosky] would be a really good benefit on the planning commission to have somebody who has some statistics and data,” LaMarre said.

Council member Loretta Clawson said that she was going to nominate LaMarre but decided to nominate Gosky instead based on LaMarre’s recommendation.

The other council members in attendance followed suit and voted unanimously to appoint Gosky.

According to Appalachian State’s Human Resources web page, Gosky oversees housing assistance, dual career services, community connections, the employee discount program and professional development regarding relocation.

Gosky wrote on her application in regards to her duties at Human Resources that she is constantly searching to extend a bridge between the university and the community.

Gosky is also a realtor alongside her position at Human Resources, according to her application.

The other applicant, Quint David, previously served on the town council and currently serves as a member of the Appalcart board, according to David’s application.

Clawson said she selected Gosky over David because the commission could use some fresh faces.

“We need some new blood. I really believe that,” Clawson said.

The term for the planning commission position will expire on June 30, 2018.

Story by: Ben Sessoms, News Reporter