University denies Legends for ASU early voting site


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Sammy Hanf

Chancellor Sheri Everts wrote in a letter that given safety concerns regarding the use of Legends the university decided to deny Watauga County Board of Elections chairman’s request to use the facility for early voting in the November election.

“After thorough review of the documentation referenced above, my staff found no information regarding buffer zone violations or other issues that would outweigh the university’s decision to recommend use of the Plemmons Student Union building over Legends on the basis of relative health and safety concerns,” Everts wrote.

If the university denied Legends then voting will automatically be held in the student union, according to the instructions handed down by the State Board of Elections.

Aceto wrote a letter to Everts on Sept. 9 requesting the university allow voting to take place at Legends, saying the university should avoid caving to partisan pressure regarding the use of the site.

Aceto cancelled the monthly Board of Elections meeting on Sept. 13, the day before it was to be held, because he was out of town.

County Board of Elections member Stella Anderson said Aceto does not have the authority to unilaterally cancel the meeting and asked that it be held anyway.

Anderson said she is worried that without adequate planning, staff will be unable to keep up with turnout, leading to long lines.

At the meeting Anderson failed to meet quorum and moved to recess until Sept. 21.

“At that time I hope we do have a quorum, [but] we have work to do,” Anderson said.

Story by: Sammy Hanf, News Editor